Helping You with a Better Quality of Life

 We offer personal, attentive care for managing your metabolism, controlling diabetes, balancing hormones, and helping you thrive.

Exceptional Patient Care


Comprehensive, thoughtful care.

Focused on you.

Responsive to your needs.

Convenient Patient Scheduling

Built around your

schedule with

next-day appointments,

extended office visits,

and TeleHealth.

Personal and Efficient Endocrine Care 

Our patient membership benefits include comprehensive diabetes and endocrinology management for patients with those conditions that require frequent attention. 

Dr. Roe partners with members to consider all the areas of their health like metabolism, hormones, sleep, mental health, diet, exercise, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

At Sol Endocrinology, we realize that your time is a precious commodity. Complicated diabetes, and other metabolic problems, should not take you away from family and work. Our practice is specially designed for ease of communication with the office and Dr. Roe, and timely responses to your medical requests, questions and concerns.