What services do you offer?

Sol Endocrinology is a specialty care Endocrine, Diabetes & Metabolism practice designed to address complex cases of diabetes, thyroid disorders, nodules, and cancer, unexplained weight gain, testosterone, ovary, bone, calcium, adrenal, pituitary and other hormonal problems.  In the office, we provide thyroid ultrasound, thyroid nodule biopsy, diabetes A1c testing, continuous glucose and insulin pump monitoring, remote visits, and physician-led dietary coaching.

Do I need a membership to join the practice?

Membership at Sol Endocrinology allows the practice to remain small and provide for longer appointments, better communication and more attentive service.  The intensive first month lays the groundwork with all testing, diagnosis and treatment planning. 

Members often need ongoing, long-term care and monitoring for their chronic conditions. Due to the continual nature of their health needs and frequent communication, we ask members to commit for either 6 or 12 months as we make the same commitment to meet their needs.

How does membership work at Sol Endocrinology?

The 1-month package is for all new patient consults.  There is no obligation to continue if your needs are met within that month. This provides ample time for exploring all relevant medical topics, answering questions, teaching, counseling, timed lab collections, imaging, additional referrals, and dietary coaching.  With focused effort, we can get more accomplished in 1 month than in several months at a conventional medical office trying to serve too many patients with too few resources relying on diminishing insurance payments. 

Our 6 and 12-month options are for members with chronic endocrine diagnoses who desire a more in-depth, long-term relationship to bring their conditions under the best control possible.

Does Sol Endocrinology take insurance?

Dr. Roe is in-network with most major private insurance.  In addition to the membership, you can opt to pay for your visits with your insurance benefits or through cash pay.  

Members with government health insurance (e.g. Tricare, Medicare, Medicaid) must use the cash pay option for their visits. Sol Endocrinology discounts its cash pay prices.  

If you use your commericial insurance coverage, you are still responsible for the co-pays and deductibles laid out by your individual policy.

We understand that healthcare is very expensive. We work to find the most cost-effective prescription, lab testing, imaging and office visits options for our members.

What about out of network patients?

Non-participating commercial insurance and government insurance programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE are out-of-network. These members can opt to pay for their visits in cash. We also bundle office visits at a reduced price for the 6 and 12-month membership which can be more cost-effective than paying your deductible and co-pay depending on the type of plan you have.

How is a membership-based practice different from a conventional endocrinology office?

The average endocrinologist supports 2000-3500 patients and sees each 1-6 times per year. This limits the time and attention that the physician can give each patient.  Dr. Roe has reduced her practice to no more than 300 members so that she can spend more time and work proactively on behalf of each patient.  This allows Dr. Roe to practice medicine in the manner that she feels most appropriate and provide ongoing, thoughtful care and support to her patients.

How do I get started?

Contact our office or complete our inquiry form.

A staff member will contact you to discuss how membership can meet your specific needs. New patients can be seen generally within 1-3 days.  We work to accommodate the schedules of busy professionals, college students around their school calendar, and those with busy lifestyles who visit Dallas periodically.