24/7 Patient Portal Access

Our health portal system allows you to better manage your information, download results, and view your medical history.

All at your fingertips.



Convenient and efficient care without the traffic.

Your Medical History

Once you register as a patient, you will need to provide medical information for us to take care of your needs.

Please download the Medical History form, print out, and complete by hand. When you bring with you to your appointment, it will allow us to better serve you and be mindful of your time in office!


Ultra-Attentive Service

Joining Sol Endocrinology is as simple as starting a conversation!  Our helpful staff can discuss features and how membership can fit into your current health goals. For new patients, we offer 1-Month Introductory consultation. Afterwards, patients may opt for a 6 or 12-month membership or return to their primary care provider.

Convenient Communication

Minimal barriers to connect with us helps our members to lower stress, save money, reduce time away from family, work, and other pursuits.

We respect that your time is the most precious commodity.

Specialty Endocrine Care

Dr. Erin Roe partners with you to consider all areas of your health impacting your metabolism. She follows conventional wellness practices in food, nutrition, and mental health, as well as complementary wellness practices such as medical massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, mindfulness and meditation.