Personalized health care through a membership model.

The care you need
and the attention you deserve

Our concierge, membership model practice is designed to give patients
the time and attention they deserve to address their chronic healthcare conditions – even between appointments.

One-Month Diagnostic

Most patients start here!

You shouldn’t have to wait months to see a specialist!

Our one-month evaluation will give you clarity on your condition and a customized treatment plan you can feel confident about.

For many of our patients, this is all they need! Their primary care doctor supports the plan.

Ongoing Membership

6- or 12-Month Subscriptions*

Reach out to a medical professional – not social media or a Google search – to address your questions.

Our ongoing memberships support patients with chronic conditions that benefit from long-term support to effectively manage.

For our patients who already have a diagnosis and know they need ongoing endocrine care.

*Please note, we do not offer month-to-month memberships, only 6- and 12-month subscriptions.

All patients have access to:

  • 24-Hour Access to Physician Via Secure Platform
  • Same-Day/Next-Day Appointments Often Available
  • Virtually Zero Wait Time at Our Office
  • Telemedicine Options for Many Appointments
  • Extended Face-to-Face Physician Visit
  • Discounted Labs and Imaging
  • Thyroid Ultrasound and Biopsy In-Office
  • Medication Delivered To Home


Our practice is designed to give patients a higher level of service as compared to conventional medical offices.

We keep things personal, with extended time for teaching and face-to-face interaction with Dr. Roe. You get the time and attention you deserve to address their chronic endocrine conditions – even between appointments.

Your insurance benefits do not cover these additional items that we feel are critical to provide you with excellent care.

That’s why whether you start at a One-Month Consultation or transition to a 6- or 12-Month Ongoing Membership, being a patient at Sol Endocrinology has two cost components:


Office Visits

The total cost of office visits varies, depending on how many appointments you have each month.

In the early stages of your care, you might have multiple office visits a month to solidify a clear treatment plan. Then, as you continue your treatment plan, your appointments will spread out.

Ultimately, you and Dr. Roe decide the best course of action together.

Book a call with our membership coordinator if you have further questions.


Membership Fee

The membership fee is set at $350 for the first month (i.e., the one-month consultation). With 6- and 12-month memberships, the per month cost is less, but the fee is paid upfront.

Through this fee, you get communication access to Dr. Roe in-between visits, as well as unhurried appointments, virtually zero wait times, telemedicine options, medication delivery, and more!

Book a call with our membership coordinator for current pricing.

Office Visit Payment Options

For your office visits, you have two payment options:


You are still responsible for your deductible or copay

Cash Pay Rate*

*Call the office to get current cash pay rates.

We accept payments over the phone via credit card or FSA/HSA, if your employer offers it. Check with your employer if you’re unsure.

We do! For cash-pay patients only, we bundle office-visit fees for 6- and 12-month memberships and provide at a discounted rate. We also offer financing options through Care Credit.

For more information, call our office at 469.648.3636.

The membership fee is part of the cost of care for all patients. The exact cost varies depending on your plan. The One-Month Consultation membership fee is $350. However, there are cost-savings associated with longer contracts in the 6- and 12-Month Ongoing Memberships.

Most insurance companies do not pay for what happens in between appointments, which is what the membership fee covers. There is no ICD-10 or CPT code associated with in-between visit care.

However, there are a few select companies that now cover it! Read the fine print on your benefits for concierge services.

Payment for the membership fee is due upon scheduling over the phone. Payment for your office visit is due at the time of arrival in the office.

We do! If you have problems or questions with billing, call our office (469.648.3636) or use our secure messaging platform that all clients have access to.

We do NOT offer month-to-month memberships. After the one-month consultation, we offer 6- and 12-month memberships for those that need ongoing support.

Yes. Just like any other membership program, the membership fee must be paid monthly, regardless of whether you utilize the services or not.

In the early stages of your care, you might have multiple office visits a month to solidify a clear treatment plan. Then, as you continue your treatment plan, your appointments will spread out.

Ultimately, you and Dr. Roe decide the best course of action together.

Insurance We Accept

We accept all the major BCBS, UHC, Cigna, Aetna and Humana health plans, among others.

Please book a call with our membership specialist to confirm whether we accept yours.

No, we do not participate in government insurance programs – Medicare, Medicaid, straight VA.

However, they can be utilized to cover lab testing and imaging fees.

No. Anything under Medicare, Medicaid, Straight VA, or replacement plans for Medicare cannot be used due to their plan restrictions.

No. If you have a supplement to your Medicare (where Medicare is still primary), we still cannot accept it.

No, we cannot. Dr. Roe is not credentialed with Medicare. It’s not that we won’t do it, it’s that we legally cannot.

If you are unsure about whether or not we accept your insurance, call our office at 469.648.3636.

We do! However, FSA/HSA can only be used for appointments, not monthly membership fees.

Open enrollment for insurance happens every year in the late fall. You are also eligible to switch your insurance plan or company whenever you have a status change — like a new job, baby, marriage, etc. For questions, call your employer for more information.

Real conditions. Real people. Personalized healthcare.

Dr Erin Roe is one of the best, and always very concerned about the health of her patients. She ask questions and listens to you answer them. Very sincere and dedicated to your care.

Wendy Polvi

Dr. Erin Roe is a fantastic endocrinologist, but she is also a remarkable person. I feel so fortunate to have found her during my time of need. Dr. Roe not only does excellent work, but she does it with care and respect. She is friendly, listened to my concerns, and conducted the procedure efficiently. She is the best at what she does. Very competent, and professional and I was very pleased with the outcome from Dr. Roe, I wish her well and highly recommend her.

Abbas Mehdi

I cannot begin to list how amazing Doctor Erin Roe is! She takes the time to listen and works with you to make sure we are reaching the same goals. For years I struggled with finding a provider that would actually listen to my concerns and I’m glad I finally found one that did!

Teresa E.,

Very satisfied with the service. Dr. Roe was very attentive, and efficient. She asked and answered questions related to my care nd concerns. I would recommend her wholeheartedly as a fantastic Endocrinologist.

Larry Birdwell,

Endocrinology is complicated.

Getting Started at Sol is Simple


Come In For Your
60-Min Consultation


Dr. Roe will compile a complete medical history, do a thorough exam, and recommend appropriate testing to get a clear picture of your healthcare needs.


Get Your
Treatment Plan


With a clear plan to follow, many patients go back to their Primary Care physician after working together for a month. Others choose to stay with us for longer.


Confidently Manage
Your Health


With our team’s active support, you can finally have what you need to reach your health goals.

Don’t wait months to meet with a doctor for 15 minutes.

Get unhurried, personalized care to confidently manage your health.

Get to Know Dr. Erin Roe:
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