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Gestational Diabetes & Thyroid Problems


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Discovering a thyroid nodule can be a common, but also stressful, experience.  Gaining insight about thyroid nodules is important. Getting a prompt diagnosis reduces anxiety and helps plan for any necessary treatment in the future.

With Dr. Roe, you can be seen in days, not weeks or months. Diagnosis may include a physical exam, thyroid function tests, an ultrasound, and/or a thyroid scan. This will help to determine whether your condition involves a benign nodule, hyperthyroidism, or if it’s cancerous. 



At Sol Endocrinology, we understand that preparing to conceive, overcoming infertility, and managing a healthy pregnancy can be challenging and stressful.

Women with thyroid dysfunction in their first stages of pregnancy may have an increased risk for gestational diabetes. This condition occurs when your body can’t make enough insulin during pregnancy.

Our Sustainer membership is designed especially for women who uncover hormone problems during pregnancy and allows for weekly or bi-weekly visits in-person or remotely. This minimizes disruption at home or work and provides teaching, counseling and support to ensure a healthy mom and baby.



Scientific advances in our understanding of Obesity-related hormones have exploded in the past decade.

Being overweight could be the result of some very complex biology. The body’s fat stores, and other factors such as an unhealthy diet, unhealthy muscle, lack of sleep, and weight gain-promoting medications, are just some of the many reasons for a diagnosis of your body chemistry.

As an Obesity Medicine board-certified physician, Dr. Roe is specially trained to explain what this means for you and how new medications can offer hope in the journey to achieve a healthy body weight.


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Sustaining Membership

Patients with ongoing needs choose a 6 or 12 month membership.