What to Expect at Your First Visit


Even in a large city like Dallas, wait times to see a specialist physician can be exceptionally long.  At Sol Endocrinology, we believe in simplifying the process. When you book a consultation with Sol Endocrinology, you get to experience the higher level of service while completing a 1-month Introductory Consultation.

Focused on You

Members in the practice commit to pay an additional $200 above their insurance coverage.  Dr. Roe will complete a comprehensive history & physical, gather external records, and speak with outside physicians and healthcare providers where needed. She will also order initial laboratory testing and imaging, review these results with you, and make necessary referrals. In addition, she will define a treatment plan with medication changes and receive short-term follow-up on the results of the medication changes.

Coordinating Your Care

With your partnership, these steps can usually be completed over the first month. The Membership fee helps to cover text messaging, email, and care coordination not covered by regular health insurance.  We have available blood draw services that come to your home or workplace, medication delivery, and free parking. We will work continuously and proactively to make your healthcare experience as smooth and efficient as possible.

Members who start with the 1-Month Introducctory Consultation can choose whether to remain with Sol Endocrinology long-term, return to their primary care doctor, or transfer to another endocrinologist. We ensure that your records are transferred in a timely manner.  Medical conditions which require surgery can be referred to high-volume thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, or adrenal surgeons.

At Sol Endocrinology, we strive to be thorough and available for patients who want a closer relationship from their physician.


Ultra-Attentive Service

Joining Sol Endocrinology is as simple as starting a conversation!  Our helpful staff can discuss features and how membership can fit into your current health goals. For new patients, we offer 1-Month Introductory consultation. Afterwards, patients may opt for a 6 or 12-month membership or return to their primary care provider.

Convenient Communication

Minimal barriers to connect with us helps our members to lower stress, save money, reduce time away from family, work, and other pursuits.

We respect that your time is the most precious commodity.

Specialty Endocrine Care

Dr. Erin Roe partners with you to consider all areas of your health impacting your metabolism. She follows conventional wellness practices in food, nutrition, and mental health, as well as complementary wellness practices such as medical massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, mindfulness and meditation.