Why Sol Endocrinology

Confidently manage your condition with a specialist who cares.

Your health is personal.

Your healthcare should be too.

Too often, patients with chronic conditions have to wait months just to get 15-minutes with their doctor. But managing a chronic condition is overwhelming enough… working with your physician shouldn’t add to the stress.

At Sol Endocrinology, we offer the unhurried, personalized support you need to confidently manage your health.

What Sets Sol Endocrinology Apart

Concierge Practice

We purposefully keep our patient-load small to guarantee the unhurried, attentive care that you deserve.

Membership Model

Chronic conditions often need frequent touchpoints. Our membership model ensures consistent care at a better price.

Holistic Approach

We consider all areas of your health, from metabolism to hormones, sleep, mental health, diet, exercise, and more.

Timely Responses

Expect a timely response to your medical requests, questions, or concerns. We’ve made ourselves accessible to our patients.

Personal Team

We intentionally keep our team small in numbers so that you get direct access to the person you need, not passed around the office.


Owner & Board-Certified Endocrinologist

After years of working in conventional medical offices, Dr. Erin Roe wanted to do medicine differently.

Frustrated by administrative obligations and long patient wait times, she wanted to spend more time with patients discussing their health issues and providing education. That’s why she started Sol Endocrinology – to restore balance to the system and get patients the care and level of attention that they deserve in a timely matter.

Dr. Roe is board-certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology – Diabetes and Metabolism, and Obesity Medicine. This comprehensive expertise equips her to provide a holistic and evidence-based approach to your treatment plan, so that you can confidently manage your health and reach your goals.

Conditions we care for

Get an effective treatment plan for even the most complex endocrine condition.

Complex Diabetes –
Type 1 & Type 2

When your diabetes management involves pumps and monitors, you need continuing care to prevent complications.


Address causes of infertility, prepare to conceive, and manage a healthy thyroid and blood sugar during pregnancy.

Abnormal Labs

For abnormal thyroid, calcium, parathyroid, testosterone, pituitary, adrenal and other troublesome menopause symptoms, we evaluate to provide a clear treatment plan.

Real conditions. Real people. Personalized healthcare.

Dr Erin Roe is one of the best, and always very concerned about the health of her patients. She ask questions and listens to you answer them. Very sincere and dedicated to your care.

Wendy Polvi

Dr. Erin Roe is a fantastic endocrinologist, but she is also a remarkable person. I feel so fortunate to have found her during my time of need. Dr. Roe not only does excellent work, but she does it with care and respect. She is friendly, listened to my concerns, and conducted the procedure efficiently. She is the best at what she does. Very competent, and professional and I was very pleased with the outcome from Dr. Roe, I wish her well and highly recommend her.

Abbas Mehdi

I cannot begin to list how amazing Doctor Erin Roe is! She takes the time to listen and works with you to make sure we are reaching the same goals. For years I struggled with finding a provider that would actually listen to my concerns and I’m glad I finally found one that did!

Teresa E.,

Very satisfied with the service. Dr. Roe was very attentive, and efficient. She asked and answered questions related to my care nd concerns. I would recommend her wholeheartedly as a fantastic Endocrinologist.

Larry Birdwell,

Endocrinology is complicated.

Getting Started at Sol is Simple


Come In For Your
60-Min Consultation


Dr. Roe will compile a complete medical history, do a thorough exam, and recommend appropriate testing to get a clear picture of your healthcare needs.


Get Your
Treatment Plan


With a clear plan to follow, many patients go back to their Primary Care physician after working together for a month. Others choose to stay with us for longer.


Confidently Manage
Your Health


With our team’s active support, you can finally have what you need to reach your health goals.

Don’t wait months to meet with a doctor for 15 minutes.

Get unhurried, personalized care to confidently manage your health.

Get to Know Dr. Erin Roe:
Schedule a 15-min Meet & Greet Call with Dr. Erin Roe